Members Information

Membership and New Players

  1. New members being introduced to the society will be expected to play at least 1 round with a committee member, and their introducing member, before being invited to join. 

  2. All new members will be asked to provide proof of handicap to ensure fairness of competition. If no handicap certificate is available, then new members will be given a handicap of 18 for their introductory round which will then be adjusted accordingly.  

  3. The SSGS is a lead balloon and therefore handicaps will only ever decrease but not increase.

  4. Members that win SSGS golf days will receive a cut of 1 full shot. 


  1. Membership is set at £5 per month or £60 per year that should be set up as a direct debit into the SSGS bank account, details of which will be provided.

  2. Ahead of each event, a date will be given for when payments are due. Failure to pay by the set date will result in a place not being reserved. 

  3. If a player commits to, and pays for, an event but is then a no show that player will be liable for the full amount owed as it is not guaranteed that late changes can be made with the playing club.

  4. If deposits are required for event bookings, these will always be non-refundable unless otherwise stated.

  5. Failure to pay society fees will result in members not being eligible for prizes and could result in members losing their society place.