Rules and Regulations

General Rules

  1. Any objections or complaints about an event, event location or provisions at the event should be raised with a committee member on the day of the event. The committee will then investigate and collectively decide on what action, if any, needs to be taken.

  2. Clubhouse rules must be adhered to at all courses that SSGS are playing – remove spiked shoes, remove caps before entering the clubhouse, keep language to a minimum remembering we are the visiting society.​ Failure to adhere to the club rules will result in disciplinary action being taken against any society member involved in the incident. 

  3. Violent or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and any member displaying such behaviour will be asked to leave the society immediately.  

Rules of Competition

  1. During competition a player must pick up on any hole if they reach ten (10) strokes and the scorecard must be marked with a circled ten (10). 

  2. If you wish to play a provisional ball it must be declared to other players in the group.

  3. From the tee: If a ball is thought to be lost, out of bounds or in a penalty area (water hazard) then a provisional must be taken before commencing the search. Failure to play a provisional ball will result in a two (2) shot penalty for stroke and distance.

  4. Slow play – If a society group are holding up the group behind then they are asked to invite the group behind to play through.

  5. Once a player has taken their first tee shot, they will not be permitted to adjust club lofts for the remainder of the round, this should be done prior to the round commencing. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a two (2) shot penalty. 

  6. Any player is only permitted to carry fourteen (14) clubs during official society games, should any player knowingly carry more than fourteen (14) clubs they will be subject to a £10 fine. 

  7. Overall winners at society golf days will not be eligible for skills holes prizes as well. If a situation arises where the overall winner is also the winner of a skills hole prize these will then be decided on players with the best back nine (9) holes (score). Should a tie occur then the winners will be determined by the best last four (4) holes (score).

FedEx Points

This will be the accumulation of points over a year that members will earn based on their placings at events. At the end of the year there will be an overall winner and a presentation will be held at the end of year dinner.

  1. There will be no minimum number of rounds you must play in order to win the FedEx standings, but a player must be a member to win.

  2. FedEx points will be calculated throughout the season with points being tallied after each event. 

  3. The top 10 finishing members will earn points as broken down below. Guests cannot score FedEx points, nor can they carry them into their membership should they join the society.

  4. Winners of an event skill prize (e.g. Nearest to the pin) will gain 1 additional FedEx point.

  5. If a guest places in the top 10 at any event, then they will be ignored for the purposes of FedEx points.

1st Place - 15 points

2nd Place - 12 points

3rd Place - 10 points

4th Place - 8 points

5th Place - 6 points

6th Place - 5 points

7th Place - 4 points

8th Place - 3 points

9th Place - 2 points

10th Place - 1 point​